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Wyld Vibes Deep Stroker Rattler - Black

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Wyld Vibes Deep Stroke Rattler

Embrace your wild urge with Wyld Vibes. A collection of playful and powerful deep stroker rabbit vibrators featuring clitoral stimulators. Made of body safe TPE, waterproof, Wyld Vibes feature with multi speeds and multi functions. When the call of the wild beckons unleash your Wyld Vibes. So to get the extreme pleasure with your partner purchase rabbit vibrators online from our online store of vibrators, dildos and sex products at a very low price.

Product Details:

  • Realistic: No
  • Size|Circumference: 4.400
  • Power|Battery: 4  AAA
  • Multi-Function: Yes
  • Vibrates: Yes
  • Pulsates: No
  • Escalates: No
  • Rotating: No
  • Multi-Speed: Yes
  • Water-proof: Yes
  • How To Use Item: Close case securely before use. Remove batteries when not in use.
  • How To Clean Item: Wash toy after each use with liquid anti-bacterial soap and water.
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Buy Deep Stroke Vibrators | Wyld Vibes Deep Stroker Rattler

Buy Deep Stroke Vibrators | Wyld Vibes Deep Stroker Rattler

Wyld Vibes Deep Stroker Rattler - Black

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